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Saint Thomas More

Catholic Student Parish
 421 Monroe Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006 (269) 381-8917

Fall 2016 Retreat with Dorothy Ederer

Sister Dorothy

Mens Group

The St. Tom's Men's Group meets twice a month (except summer months) to share their faith journeys. Spiritual tapes and books are often topics of discussion, as are current moral and cultural issues of the day. Readings from the coming Sunday are read and discussed to open the meetings. Every year the men's group sponsors retreats during Lent and in the Fall.

Meeting Dates in 2018 - Bronco Room

January 8 and 22 July 9
February 12 and 26 August 13
March 12 and 26 September 10 and 24
April 9 and 23 October 8 and 22
May 14 and 28 November 12 and 26
June 11 December 10