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Saint Thomas More

Catholic Student Parish
 421 Monroe Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49006 (269) 381-8917

Sister Parish  -  Maria Madre de los Pobres

For over twenty years, this St. Tom’s ministry has worked to live in solidarity with the Salvadoran parish Maria, Madre de los Pobres in San Salvador. You may already be familiar with the Salvadoran student visits to St. Tom’s which usually occurs in January, or the St. Tom’s delegations to San Salvador each November. We are thankful for your support of this Ministry!

fr luis 

Other Sister Parish activities include the letter writing and scholarship program, collection and distribution of nonprescription medical supplies and optical goods, and annual events for sponsors, previous delegates, supporters and committee members.

Father Luis, pastor of Maria, Madre de los Pobres visited St. Toms in January 2015.

Fr Luis